In-app purchases: A rant. 💸💸💸💸💸

I play Game of Thrones: Conquest.

It’s a really fun game.

And I just accidentally made a $99 in-app purchase.

Seriously. $99.

This does NOT make my bank account – or me – happy.

“Sal? How did you accidentally make an in-app purchase?!”

Game of Thrones: Conquest opens to the purchase window. The first thing they display is the big one, for $99. You get all SORTS of useful goodies for that $99. But I never, ever, EVER spend that much in one go on an app. Today, I wouldn’t have even spent $4.99! I try very hard NOT to make in-app purchases. But today, I had my thumb on the button when the app opened, and it took my thumb as intent to purchase. And – AND – it went through, because I wasn’t looking and didn’t cancel fast enough.

Now I’m going through the whole “get the company to refund my money and take back their goodies” thing, and I can’t play my game, lest I accidentally use something I just bought.

The moral: Keep your thumb off the damn button until the app finishes loading! AUGH!