A Life Metaphor: The Bus

Today’s tip is a short one.

Your life is like a bus. You are its driver. You determine its route, any detours, and make the decisions that determine whether you make the rounds or not.

Your feelings, your emotions, your issues, your past — these things are all passengers on your bus. The other people in your life are also passengers on your bus. They are valid — they’re paying passengers, and they have the right to be there. In fact, without the passengers, your bus doesn’t have much value. It’s just another object on the road of Earth, taking up space.

But they don’t drive the bus. They don’t get to tell the bus when to stop or how to get there. And you have the right to kick any of them off the bus if they get so obnoxious that they’re no longer of value to the bus. In fact, an obnoxious passenger can drive other passengers off the bus, and when they do, it’s to your benefit as a bus driver to kick that obnoxious passenger off the bus.

Similarly, you’re also a passenger on the bus that other people drive. If you don’t like the way they drive that bus, or it’s not going where you want to go, it’s not fair to the other people on the bus or the driver to demand that that bus change course and go where you want it to go. Instead, get off the bus and find a bus that goes where you want to go. No hard feelings either way.